Joe with a cow and her calf"Family Raised"

Potter Family Ranch is beef farm located in the Catskill Mountains of Delaware County, New York. Found on winding back country roads in the town of Hamden. We are proudly women owned and family operated. We retail beef of all types. 

Owners Meg and Joe pride themselves on raising beef for your family, by a family just like yours. They have full time paying jobs, spend time with the kids at sporting events and enjoy many off-the-farm hobbies. We have kids that do not live with us full time and do the vast majority of our grocery shopping at the store like everyone else. Potter Family Ranch would be honored if you would choose to purchase your beef from their family farm. They would also like to thank their current beef customers for their continued business and look forward to working with more families in the future. 

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  • a jersey cow

    History of the Dairy

    Although Potter Family Ranch beef farm is only a couple years old, established 2016, there is a deep, rich and ongoing history in farming on the mountain that the farm calls home.  The original farm and the barn they still milk in today, was purchased in 1922 by William Whittaker and Anna Moody.

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  • joe with a new calf

    Animal Care

    We would like to tell you a little bit about how we do it on our farm.  We raise all our animals on pasture year-round. 

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  • joe, meghan, and our two kids

    Meet the Family

    Potter Family Ranch would like to take the time to introduce ourselves, Meghan and Joe Potter. We have two kids, Emily Potter, 21, and Ian Potter, 16 who live about 2 hours away. This makes every minute of our time together even more priceless.

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