see whats happening on the farm.

History of the Dairy

Although Potter Family Ranch beef farm is only a couple years old, established 2016, there is a deep, rich and ongoing history in farming on the mountain that the farm calls home.  The original farm and the barn they still milk in today, was purchased in 1922 by William Whittaker and Anna Moody.  The family purchased their first registered Jersey from Meridale Farms in 1927 and the herd has milked registered Jerseys since.  Paul and Ann Moody operated the farm in partnership with Bill and Patsy Moody until 1999.  Bill and Patsy now operate the dairy with the help of their daughter and son-in-law Meghan and Joe Potter.  Bill and Patsy truly loved raising their three kids on their farm, their son Jeff and twin daughters Marianne and Meghan.  Now, Jeff’s kids, Marc and Jon Moody, play and help on Nanna and Pop’s farm whenever they get a free chance.


Springdale Farm and the Moody family have been showing Jerseys at the local Parish Show and Delaware County Fair since 1935 and continue to do so each year in August.  Now the 4th and 5th generations enjoy practicing leading their calves around the farm all summer and take time off to show at the fair.  The kids learn the hard work it takes when raising animals but they also learn the love and responsibility that farmers have for their animals and the land.  The land that both the dairy and beef operate is located within the NYC watershed.  The Watershed Ag Council helps farms with management tools and facilities improvements that will help improve water quality but also make managing the farm easier.  For example, NYC has invested in rotational grazing fencing and water systems as well as a covered barnyard and calf barn for the dairy.   Intensive rotational grazing is a natural fit for the Jersey dairy herd. 


Milk produced on Springdale Farm by the Moody family is shipped to milk plants locally and is made into bottled milk, cheeses and yogurts by nearby creameries.  The Moodys are humbled care for the Jerseys who produce wholesome, safe dairy products right on your grocery store shelves.